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Join us in our mission of breaking the cycle of poverty and social exclusion by providing hope one individual/activity or campaign at a time at a time through sponsorship!

We would greatly value your help (whether as an individual/business/other entity) to achieve the following:

  • To teach them so they connect with today world of technology and help them to stand up for themselves
  • To utilize arts and craft as a communication mechanism to reach the community and the disabled
  • To empower the disabled community of Alexandra, Johannesburg
  • To take part in preventative measures combating crime, unsafe sex, HIV & AIDS, as well as substance and physical abuse
  • Work towards the eradication of poverty within our community by equipping the disabled with tangible skills
  • Provide therapeutic intervention through the use of arts and craft
  • Ensure an improvement in our community and the betterment of quality of life for the disabled
  • Create respect between the disabled and the community
  • For more information on how to engage us and become part of this great work for positive impact, please email

To find out more about helping Sithandiwe with donations, please email us at
We are always looking for ways for individuals to assist us, you can make a difference!

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